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In recent years, this expression has spread widely in the field of Internet gambling. It is often used in the description of the rules on the websites of online casinos, poker rooms, bookmakers and other gambling establishments.  


Bonus abuse is a fraudulent, from the point of view of the operator, activity aimed solely at extracting profit from bonuses and other promotional activities.

The interpretation of this term is ambiguous. Bonus abuse may mean either a direct violation of the rules of such promotions or attempts to make the most of them.

All operators put emphasis on the fact that the bonuses are for entertainment purposes only. Accordingly, they cannot be used for advantage game.

If the client abuses bonuses, it is called a bonus hunter. This category of users is not welcome in any institution.

Often the casino does not allow the player to cash out the bonus or even blocks his account with the wording bonus abuse, not bothering to explain in detail the essence of the claims. Since the decision of the administration of the institution is always final, to achieve justice in such cases is not easy. However, many customers really go beyond what is allowed, which forces operators to apply sanctions to them. 

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