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Corruption and fraud flourish in the gambling business of many countries whose laws allow gambling. Accordingly, stories about bribes in this industry do not surprise anyone. 


Bribery, or bribe – illegal transfer of money to an official in exchange for the commission of any actions or, conversely, his inaction.

In the field of gambling bribes are given at different levels:

  • Dealers are bribed to secretly show cards, deal the right cards, or help win in other ways.
  • Pitboss is paid to put loaded decks or dice into play, turn a blind eye to illegal acts, and put croupiers who are in cahoots with gamblers. 
  • The heads of the organizations regulating gambling are "given a paw" to issue licenses bypassing the legislation.
  • Police receive rewards for operating illegal casinos in their precincts 

In short, almost any employee of the gambling industry from time to time is faced with the fact that they are trying to bribe.

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