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This is a common word known to every gambling enthusiast and any employee of a gambling establishment.


Back – the back side of playing cards.

It is always applied to the same pattern so that the cards could not be distinguished by the shirt. Famous manufacturers are often portrayed as brand patterns and logos. 

The gamblers use different methods of applying the label on the shirt. This gives them the ability to determine the suit and face value of the card before it leaves the deck. Accordingly, they can make optimal decisions that allow them to win over the casino or the opponent.

Ideally, you should only use new decks purchased from honest and reliable suppliers of gambling equipment. They should be printed out immediately before use at the table. There are cases when scammers marked entire batches of cards before they entered the casino.

To deal with cheating marks partially helps to burn the top card in the deck before each active action: the surrender, exchange, and so on. In addition, there are other ways to counter fraud. 

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