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Cards can be changed in a lot of casino gambling games, but most often this option is implemented in poker and video poker. 


Cards Exchange – the ability to change a certain number of cards for free or for a fee.

It is provided by the rules of most video poker and many casino table poker and is also available in other card games.

In video poker, a player can change one to five cards once for free. 

In different types of table poker, there are one or two paid exchanges. Its cost depends on the number of cards exchanged. If a second exchange is available, it is usually more expensive. 

An unusual system of exchange operates in switch blackjack. The player can change cards between their boxes.

All the nuances of exchanging cards in different versions of online gambling are considered in the reviews on Casinoz.

To achieve the maximum theoretical return, it is necessary to change the cards correctly. You can read the tips of gambling professionals on this issue in the strategies section. 

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