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Cashback is widely used in the gaming industry. It is especially popular in online casinos. Also, such systems are used in other areas of activity. For example, they are found in the banking sector. 


Cashback is a return to the client of the lost money. 

Most often it is a question of compensation of a certain part of the sum which the user lost in an institution. This cashback in the casino is different from similar promotions in banks.

Cashback is usually expressed as a percentage of the amount lost. For example, 5%, 10% or even 30%. Its size and additional conditions depend on the status of the client or personal agreements with the casino administration.

The main characteristics of cashback are as follows:

  • Size – expressed as a percentage,
  • Amount – the maximum limit,
  • Units – can be paid in real money or bonus credits to be wagered,
  • Availability – available to all customers or VIPs.
  • Frequency – can be charged daily, weekly, monthly or on individual terms.

Getting acquainted with the rules of cashback also need to pay attention to other conditions.

In most cases, cashback is a really good offer that allows the client to reduce risks. Advantage players use this promo to get a mathematical superiority over the casino, expressed in a long time period.

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