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This word is traditionally used in land-based casinos the dealers at roulette operating with the chips on the roulette tables. 


Chipper – croupier on roulette, whose duties include sorting chips.

This dealer does not run the ball, does not accept bets, does not calculate payout amounts and does not give out winnings to customers. He doesn't even take the losing bets off the table. His job is to sort the chips by color and stack them in stacks of twenty tokens.

Often novice croupiers start working as chippers. In many casinos dealers change each other in a circle:

  • First, the dealer may perform the duties of the inspector, 
  • He then moves to the chipper position,
  • Next, he becomes a dealer who leads the gameplay.

The scheme of the croupier at roulette is determined by the staffing establishment, so there are no universal rules.

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