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This word is widely used in gambling circles. It is not one of the official terms, but gambling operators can also use it in different situations. 


Cold – in the context of gambling means "unlucky", "non-starter" for customers.

If it is a "cold" slot, it means that it "eats" money and rarely pays. A table for poker, blackjack or some other gambling game is considered "cold" if the majority of visitors behind it lose.

The antonym is the word «hot» .

On the websites of online casinos sometimes there are collections of "cold" and " hot " video slots. This refers to the machines on which customers have recently lost or won. It is believed that the same device can be either "hot" or "cold".

Professionals recommend not to chase "hot" slots because this criterion can not be considered reliable and objective. For example, a device with high volatility can not pay for a long time, and then please the maximum combination.

When choosing a gambling game, you need to pay attention to other characteristics: RTP, variability, range of bets, provider and so on. 

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