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About crossroader most often speak in the context of gambling card games, although sometimes this common term is used in a broader sense, implying different scammers. 


Crossroader – card sharper.

The term originated in the sphere of billiard players.

Representatives of this thieving profession make living playing cards, using numerous techniques: marks, loaded decks, distortions and so on.

In the so-called thug world, crossroader are authoritative people who are respected for their skills and abilities.

Small crossroader lure ordinary citizens into the game, looking for potential victims in bazaars, in drinking establishments, on trains and so on. The elite "rolls" in a big way, gathering in pre-agreed places.

Numerous feature films and documentaries have been made about the katals. Some professionals have moved away from the criminal craft and revealed secrets to the пeneral public. 

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