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The so-called game on doubling (risk – game, the game is for equal chances) video slots presented in many different manufacturers. This is a very popular gameplay option, widely used in offline slot halls and virtual casinos. 


Game on doubling (Double Up) – a round in which you can try to increase the payout received during the last draw.
This option is also called equal chances or risk game.

This feature is most often found in different types of slot machines and video poker. It allows you to risk the money received. With a successful combination of circumstances, the amount increases. In case of an unsuccessful scenario, the client is deprived of this payment. It is usually possible to act several times in a row, but usually, the maximum limit is valid.

The risk game can be implemented in different formats:

  • Orlyanka – analog of "heads or tails",
  • Card color – you need to guess what color the next card will be,
  • Ladder – the user moves up the steps, winning or losing at each stage,
  • Comparison of cards – you need to open a card that will beat the card of the conditional dealer.

Sometimes you can guess not only the color but also the suit of the card. Correctly named suit increases the amount four times.

Some software developers implement unique rounds of the game to double. For example, Betsoft often offers to play with the main character of the slot, and in the series, Untamed from Microgaming company presented a very unusual option, described in the reviews on Casinoz.

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