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This is a slang word understood by all experienced poker players. It is often heard in the circles of fans of this gambling game. 


Fish – weak player in poker, constantly committing rash actions and, as a consequence, often losing.

Usually "Fish" rarely pass, going to the end in most hands. They try to bluff, but professionals easily recognize their tricks. They do not understand the mathematics of poker, act on intuition, do not know how to dispose of the bankroll and poorly hide emotions. 

Of course, sometimes "fish" win, because fortune sometimes pampers beginners, bestowing them with strong cards. Often luck plays with them a cruel joke. They believe too much in their own strength, begin to act self – confident and become victims of real experts.

Antonym nicknames "fish" – "shark". So-called very strong players in poker. "Sharks" hunt "fish" and ruthlessly eat it. The catchphrase reads:

If you don't know how to calculate a fish you're the fish.

Learn to play poker correctly, so as not to earn the offensive nickname "fish".

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