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Under gambling mean not only entertainment for money, which is provided in the casino. This is a much broader concept, encompassing numerous games available in different environments. 


Game of Chance – any game, in which outcome partly or fully depends on will case, not only from skills and skills player.

For example, in blackjack, the player's actions have an impact on the final result, but to a large extent, the outcome of each round depends on the will of chance. This is a classic example of gambling.

On European roulette or in most video slots, the casino client can rely only on the favor of fortune. (Read about the"practical benefits" of betting systems in these games in special publications.) This means that they too are gambling entertainments. 

Passionate fans of sports poker insist that this game should not be considered gambling, because here the skills and abilities of the player come to the fore.

Accordingly, it is not necessary to refer to gambling any game or bet in which participants put money on the line.

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