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Line – a conventional strip on the screen of the slot machine, which can be formed paid chains of symbols.

The first slot machines had one pay line. Later their number increased. In classic slot machines with three reels usually no more than five bands.

Multi-functional video slots with five or more reels tend to have more bands. There may be ten, fifteen, twenty, fifty or more.

Almost always the bets on the lines are equal, but in the history of gambling, there were known slots in which you can bet different amounts on the lines. Currently, the largest software providers do not offer such games.

In many models, the player can set the number of lines on which combinations will be made. Accordingly, the fewer bands, the lower the rate, but the chances of getting paid are reduced.

The rules of forming the winning combinations on the lines may be different:

  • Left to right,
  • From two sides,
  • Anywhere on the strip.

You can specify the location of the active lines on the screen of the video slot in the paytable that is attached to the model.

When calculating the payout on a combination, the bet on one line is usually multiplied by the coefficient of the established sequence.

Scatters and some other icons are not tied to the bands. They are paid by falling out in any positions on the screen.

In recent years, developers are increasingly releasing online slots with no lines. In them, paid sequences are formed by special rules. They are covered in slot reviews and in feature articles on Casinoz.

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