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Bets belonging to this type are represented in the vast majority of roulette, including the classic varieties: European, American and French. 


Outside Bets – bets on outside fields on the roulette table.

This group includes bets on dozens, columns, odd/even, red/black and large/small numbers.

Bets on large or small numbers, even or odd, as well as on red or black are paid 1:1, so they are called bets on equal chances.

Payouts from dozens and columns are 2:1. 

When you lose zero in European roulette, external bets lose.

In French roulette, the La Partage rule applies, according to which half of such bets are returned to the player at zero.

In American roulette, there is an En Prison rule, which also implies compensation in such situations, but the principle is somewhat different. The losers of the outside bets remain on the field during the next spin, when their fate is decided.

Read more about the types of bets in the article devoted to the rules of the game on roulette. 

Many roulette betting systems are based on external bets. Progressive strategies are described in separate publications.

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