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The paytable is used in all slot machines and is also represented in gambling games of other genres. 


Pay Table, or Paytable – a special section of the rules with a list of amounts that can be won on all available combinations, or coefficients that are taken into account when calculating winnings.

Such paytable the most common in slots. In classic slot machines, they can be depicted next to the reels. In multifunction video slots, they often open on an additional screen.

The values in the table are published in one of two formats: 

  1. In the form of theoretical coefficients, which are multiplied by the bet,
  2. In the form of real sums of money, taking into account the current amount at stake.

Sometimes the table shows the potential winnings in coins if the customer can set the denomination of these chips.

In most modern slots, the paytable is intuitive. They are accompanied by brief rules for the formation of combinations and calculation of winnings, as well as the layout of active lines.

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