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This term for slot machines with a minimum value of coins is most often used in American offline casinos but is also common in some other countries.  


The penny machine – a slot machine with a minimum coin value.

As a rule, we are talking about slot machines in which the game chips are worth one cent. It can be a three-reel gaming machine of classic type or multi-functional video slots with a large number of reels and a variety of bonuses.

Although the coin value is one cent, the total bet per spin can be much higher. For example, there are twenty lines in the machine and up to five coins are accepted for each of them. In this case, the client can bet up to one dollar per round.

Also in penny slots often acts forced bet (forced bet). For example, if we are talking about a slot machine with twenty lines, less than twenty cents will not work. 

Accordingly, do not rely on the name. It is always necessary to study the rules and check the betting range to avoid misunderstandings.

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