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This is not the most common gambling game. It is popular in some regions, but in most countries of the world is not in demand. It is not difficult to play pontoon in Internet gambling. Its online versions on the random number generator are offered by many software providers. 


Pontoon – gambling card game casino, similar to blackjack "Spanish 21".

Pontoon uses four to eight decks of forty – eight cards (no tens).

The goal is to beat the dealer's cards by collecting more points. You can't exceed twenty – one.

The General rules are similar to the basic provisions of blackjack, but there are increased payout ratios for certain card combinations: 6 – 7 – 8, three sevens, twenty-one points from five or six cards, and so on.

Such nuances of the rules require a special approach to the game. Mathematicians have calculated the optimal strategy pontura, with which you can achieve maximum theoretical returns and virtually deprive the casino superiority over customers.

Tips on playing pontoon look in a special section of the portal Casinoz.

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