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This gambling game is popular in many countries of the world. It is common in the form of offline instant lotteries and is often found in the format of virtual models for online casinos. 


Scratchcard – a kind of lottery with instant payments.

A traditional scratch card is a cardboard ticket in which numbers or pictures are hidden under a protective layer. It must be erased by scratching the edge of a coin or other hard object, which explains the name of the game (eng. Scratch – "scratch").

Scratch card rules 

To participate in the draw, the customer must buy a ticket. In an online casino, the ticket price is usually set by the user. The higher it is, the larger the potential payouts. 

Winnings are awarded for cards with certain combinations. Most often we are talking about the same pictures, lining up in one line, but other options are possible. 

  • In offline gambling, the payment is immediately charged by the scratchcard seller.
  • In online casinos, money instantly appears on the client's balance.

In electronic scratch cards, you can remove the protective coating by pressing a special button. Many developers offer an animated simulation of the process. You need to drive the mouse cursor, erasing this layer.

Tips for choosing scratch cards

This game attracts customers with the simplicity of the rules and high-speed gameplay. Many models are also quite spectacular and realistic. However, when choosing a game, you should pay attention not to external effects, but to the level of theoretical return. Often in scratch cards, this figure is not very high, but there are pleasant exceptions with RTP above 97%.

In the reference sections that are attached to scratch cards leading developers, specified RTP. Also, it can be found in the reviews of Casinoz.

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