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This is a widely used term, known not only to professionals,but also to any inhabitant who is not familiar with the gambling industry. 


Sharper – a fraudster who uses gambling methods and tricks prohibited by the rules.

In Russian, the word came from Polish (szuler) or Czech (šuleř), where it means "deceiver".

Sharps use a variety of techniques and tricks in card games, allowing them to achieve a positive result. Let's highlight some of them:

  • Fraudulent methods shuffle the deck,
  • Twisting cards,
  • Marking cards,
  • Spying on the opponent's cards or the croupier,
  • Exchange cards with accomplices,
  • False ways of trimming the deck and so on.

In addition, sharpers often cheat with dice, using such tricks:

  • Loaded dice,
  • Controlled throw,
  • Substitution of cubes and the like.

Roulette cheats do not work less skilfully, by resorting to the following methods:

  • Stealing chips,
  • Rate substitution,
  • Adding tokens to winning bets and the like.

In fraudulent casinos, dealers can also be cheaters. They distort the decks, give customers obviously losing combinations of cards and so on. 



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