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This is a common definition of a special item of inventory commonly used in blackjack and some other gambling games. 


Shoe – a device for dealing cards.

The shape resembles a Shoe, which led to its name.

Most often a shoe is used in blackjack with several decks. If the game is played with one or two decks, the dealer deals them from the hand. 

Starting the game, the croupier first unfolds cards, demonstrating their availability to customers. He then mixes them thoroughly. Next, the dealer cuts off part of the total mass of cards with a plastic card and inserts all the decks into the shoe. 

From the "boot " the croupier takes out cards one by one. Upon completion of delivery, the used sheets are stored in the bump.
When a plastic cut card comes out of the Shoe, the dealer finishes the change, then takes out the rest of the decks from the "shoe" and shuffles all the cards. 

In online casinos, virtual dealers also allegedly get cards from the Shoe, but the gameplay is different from the gameplay in real clubs. All cards are used in each hand. They don't stay in the bump. This makes it impossible to count cards in blackjack.

The Shoe used in baccarat and other gambling games with more decks. 


Shoe, Shoe 

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