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Card suits are a traditional and universal approach to dividing playing cards according to certain characteristics. Card suits are used in all classic decks but are not considered in all gambling games. 


Suit – one of the categories into which playing cards are divided.

In the so-called French deck, consisting of fifty – two sheets, the cards are divided into four suits: 

  1. Peaks (eng. Spades)
  2. Clubs (eng. Clubs)
  3. Diamonds (eng. Diamonds)
  4. Hearts (eng. Hearts)

In some card games, suits differ in seniority. Sometimes the suit of the card is taken into account only in order to determine the order of actions (for example, to find out who goes first).

In many games of chance, the functions of the suits are partially used. For example, they make certain combinations but have equal value.

When learning the rules of any card game, always pay attention to how the suits are involved.

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