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This is a relatively new rule point that has emerged in modern casino history. It is used by many offline establishments and gambling web portals. 


Surrender – blackjack rule, allowing for part – time to refuse further participation in the draw.

The presence of surrender plays into the hands of the client, so the rule is not available in all versions of blackjack. In addition, surrender often you can't do with nine, ten or ACE dealers.

In American blackjack, there are two main kinds of surrender: 

  1. Early surrender – you can make a surrender before the dealer checks for blackjack;
  2. Later (late surrender) – you can discard cards for half the bet only after the dealer finds out whether he has blackjack.

The presence of a trend implies significant changes in the basic strategy of blackjack. These adjustments allow you to play more effectively and win more often. 

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