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Currently, 3 – card poker is very popular in casinos in different formats. It can be found in offline establishments, and on Internet portals, it has long become one of the most popular varieties of poker. 


Three Card Poker is a variation of poker vs casino, invented by Derek Webb.

The game uses a regular deck of fifty-two cards no jokers.

The goal is to defeat the dealer by collecting a stronger poker hand combination.

The client can make two independent bets:

  1. Ante/Play – the main bet at which the cards are compared with the dealer's hand;
  2. Pair Plus – a bonus bet that is guaranteed paid if the player comes from the distribution of a pair or a stronger combination.

Also, the player is awarded a bonus payment for straight, Tris and the straight flush. 

The odds of calculating the winnings may vary separately taken casino. 

This is one of the most profitable variations of poker for the client. casino. To achieve maximum return, you need to learn how to play 3 Card Poker according to optimal strategy.

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