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Events in the format of tournaments are arranged by many offline gambling establishments and online casinos. They are very popular in the world of sports and club poker. 


 Tournament – competition between clients for a part of the prize fund or some other rewards.

The casino tournaments are held in numerous formats, different General rules, conditions of participation, the principles of determining the winners and other features.

Sports poker tournaments are a large – scale phenomenon that deserves separate consideration in a special interpretation.

Games of chance

Casino tournaments are most often arranged on models of the following genres:

  • Slot machine,
  • Blackjack,
  • Video poker,
  • Roulette.

Less often they are held in table poker and other games.

Condition of participation

Tournaments can be public or private. In the first case, all customers are allowed to participate in them, and in the second, players with a certain status are invited.

Participation fees are not always mandatory. In recent years, online casinos are increasingly holding free slot tournaments without an entry fee.

Determine the winner

In this aspect, different options are also possible. Winners can set:

  • By the number of points scored,
  • At the maximum pay,
  • On the total amount of winnings and so on.

Often the winners are the participants who knocked out the opponents from the draw.

Prize fund

What prizes are at stake?

  • Real money,
  • Loyalty program comp points,
  • Bonus credits,
  • Free spins,
  • Gadgets, appliances, cars, vouchers and so on.

When it comes to bonuses, they usually need to be additionally wagered.

How to choose the best online casino tournament?

Tornaments of famous online casinos reviewed in reviews at Casinoz. They detail the rules and additional conditions. Read articles, pay attention to customer reviews.

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