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Number zero is represented in all traditional and most unique varieties of roulette. It is not only in the so – called No Zero Roulette, in which the absence of "0" is the main feature. 


Zero – the number "0" on the roulette wheel.

In European and French roulette one number is zero. In then there are "0" and "00".

On the layout of the roulette table zero is above the numbers "1", " 2 " and "3". In the American version of the game fields for bets on "0" and "00" located next to each other.

The presence of zero provides the casino a mathematical superiority over the player in external bets.

For example, red and black numbers on eighteen. Payment on this position – 1:1, but at loss of zero all such bets lose. This gives the institution a 2.7% advantage over the user on European roulette.

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