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Diners Club is the oldest payment system which history takes its origin in 1950. Frank McNamara, who has founded this company, is the creator of credit cards. It is meant that the reason this innovation has been created was quite a common situation. Once Frank was dining in the restaurant and told his friends about an unpleasant situation which happened to his customer. He granted credit books as a loan to somebody intending to be paid. However, in result he only got higher debts on his credits cards instead of profit, because his friends could pay spent money back. After the dinner, Frank McNamara found out he forgot his wallet and can’t pay the bill. He had to call his wife to pay for him. After this situation he started thinking about to create a kind of credit book, which help of which people could grant loans and pay the bills cashless. Moreover, such credits should have been accepted almost by all trading authorities and needed an intermediate between them and the customers.  

It is how Diners Club company was founded. Bank cards have gained a great popularity all over the world in the shortest terms.

The owners of prestigious cards are provided with maintenance service which includes booking of hotels, flights, payments in online stores and etc. The owner of these cards can withdraw funds all over the world.

Diners Club is not a common payment card, it is prestige which lets the owner feel himself a part of elite.

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