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WesternUnion is a company is a long history. It was established in 1951 in USA. This payment system offers instant money transfers to any part of the world with no personal account. Actually, WesternUnion impresses with its spread. There are over 40000 service points in 200 countries of the world. These numbers rise up day by day. WesternUnion can be bravely called the leader of express payments on international market.

There are three features due to which this company has gained love of the customers all over the world - they are security, convenience and speed. Any transfer made by WesternUnion is protected by security system which fills all international standards. That’s why the users can be sure their money would be delivered to the recipient. To make a money transfer or to accept it only a single document is needed - passport, that makes cooperation with the company pretty convenient. The recipient can collect money in ten minutes after transaction was made independently of country he is situated in.

Today WesternUnion cooperates with numerous banks all over the world.

Since 2007 it is possible to make WesternUnion money transfer in post offices as well. However, we should note that only international payments are available through post offices to avoid competition with post money transfers.

All transfers are made by cash only. Currency of transfer depends on the country of sender. Herewith, the funds are converted into the currency of recipient.

Size of commission depends on amount and currency of the transfer. However, please take in account that it is higher than money transfers in less «speedy» payment systems.

To make a transfer, you need to visit the nearest WesternUnion office and fill a small form. The only document you need is passport. Herewith, the customer can send a message for the recipient together with the money transfer. To receive the transfer, you need to tell name of the sender, country he lives in, amount of the transfer and an answer for a special question to the manager of the company. The question is used only when the sender prefers to use this feature for additional control.

Today WesternUnion is the most popular method for express payments. Many gamblers use it when they need to charge accounts quickly. However, if you don't need a fast deposit, you better use services of slower but cheaper companies.

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