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The well-known and quite popular ЮMoney (formerly known as Yandex.Money) electronic payment system occupies a solid share of the market for fast transactions in Runet. It is used to pay for various services, utility bills, taxes, online store purchases, and online casino games. Today, the company claims first place in terms of frequency of use in the ruble zone of the Internet.

The well-known and quite popular ЮMoney (formerly known as Yandex.Money) electronic payment system occupies a solid share of the market for fast transactions in Runet. It is used to pay for various...

Best ЮMoney (Yandex-Деньги) Casinos 2024

The Yandex.Money system is a fairly convenient tool for making payments in the ruble zone. Due to conversion, it is not profitable to use it in other countries, but as an alternative/backup source of payment is quite possible.

Below are listed popular online casinos for rubles that accept ЮMoney.

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The Yandex.Money electronic payment system was founded in 2002. It is a joint project with PayCash. Yadex.Money became a kind of pioneer among electronic wallets. It was "ennobled" by the Central Bank of Russia, which issued a special certificate (banking), allowing Internet payments to be made electronically.

Initially, the system was not very convenient, so in 2005 an innovative interface was developed. This allowed the company's clients to use any computer to enter their wallets. Before that, all operations were carried out through the client application. By the way, it was the owners of Yandex.Money who were the first to conclude a partnership agreement with the famous company Skype, which allowed to make payments for its services through the services of the payment system.

Since 2013, Sberbank of Russia owns 75% of the service's shares. With the emergence of G. Gref in the management of Russia's leading bank, the company began to develop even faster. Users can take advantage of a large number of payment solutions. For example:

  • "Money in the mail".
  • "City payments" (even non-clients of the system can use it).
  • Transfer from card to card of any bank.
  • YD virtual cash desk is installed on the largest trading platform, Aliexpress.
  • The company has received authorization from MasterCard and can issue plastic cards.
  • Contactless payments via NFC with the help of the service application are possible, the possibility of payment by QR code has also been launched.
  • In 2017, it became possible to replenish the e-wallet in any bank in Belarus.

Enumerating all the possibilities is pointless. In principle, this system is quite convenient for Runet.

Since September 2020, the system is called ЮMoney .

Yandex.Kassa was renamed YUKassa.

ЮMoney (Yandex-Деньги) Wallet

There are three types of wallets:

  1. Anonymous.
  2. Named (partial verification on the company's website has been passed).
  3. Identified (personal data is confirmed by authorized structures).

To receive full services, one must have an identified status. In this case, the system's clients will be able to store large amounts in the wallet (up to 500,000 rubles), make payments around the world, withdraw cash, and so on. Today, YD users can transfer money to more than 200 countries around the world. For this purpose, the company has signed agreements with Western Union and Unistream.

You can also make transfers directly to the bank. Since Yandex.Money is a ruble wallet, conversion when transferring to other countries will be made at the internal rate of MasterCard with an additional commission of the electronic wallet. That is, to transfer money, say, to the USA from YD with the help of Western Union is not profitable at all. The client's funds will be converted into euros, then from the European currency into dollars and only then sent to the recipient. Together with the 2.7% commission from Yandex.Money, the transaction will be quite expensive.

Almost all transactions are subject to commission (except for some transactions, such as cell phone bills, which can be paid without commission). Even internal transfers from one wallet to another are subject to a 0.5% commission. Cash withdrawal from the wallet is possible to any plastic card, bank account, other payment system, etc. The commission will be 3% + 45 rubles when withdrawing to any bank card.

Reliability and security

Since the owner of YAD is the country's largest bank, it is clear that there are no security problems. However, fraudsters are not slumbering either and are trying to hack everything they can. Each user must reliably keep access to his wallet and not to communicate secret information to third parties. All payments are made with the help of confirmation from the wallet owner's cell phone. That is, when paying for a service or making a transfer, the client of YD will receive a notification in the form of SMS about the need to confirm the transaction. Without this, the transaction will not be carried out.

Recently Yandex.Money launched a very convenient service: "Buyer Protection". Now all customers of online stores that accept YD can safely pay for goods. If they are not delivered or lost on the way, the money will be returned to the buyer's wallet.

All wallet owners' personal information is completely confidential and protected (the PCI DSS international standard is used).

Customer service

YuMoney strives to provide its users with high service and security. Key principles of customer service include:

  1. Transparency and trust: ЮMoney offers its users detailed information about transactions and security mechanisms so that they can make informed decisions.
  2. User advocacy: In the event of transaction problems, ЮMoney stands on the side of users, helping resolve disputes and compensating for losses.
  3. Innovation and continuous development: ЮMoney is constantly introducing new technologies and services to improve user experience and transaction security.

These measures help ЮMoney maintain high trust and customer satisfaction by providing safe and convenient financial transactions. 

Users can order a MasterCard plastic card attached to an electronic wallet. In this case, they will have the same balance, and customers can pay for purchases in all stationary stores where plastic is accepted. In addition, the service owners have recently made a real surprise to all their cardholders. Today it is the only electronic wallet that allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs of any Russian bank without commission. No more than 10,000 roubles can be withdrawn per month.

ЮMoney (Yandex-Деньги) in casinos Popular?

Not all online casinos are popular with this system because it uses only rubles. It does not work in almost all European clubs. Where there is an opportunity to replenish the game account using ЮMoney, players prefer other ways of depositing (cards, Kiwi, Webmani). Nevertheless, gamers use the wallet and make payments with its help.

In some establishments, players are offered an additional bonus for transfers made with the ЮMoney wallet, which makes the system more popular.

How to Deposit in ЮMoney (Yandex-Money) Casinos?

To replenish the balance in the online casino with the help of ЮMoney, the player must have an identified status in the payment system. If everything is in order, then there will be no problems. Visiting a personal office or cashier's office, the user must select the Yandex.Money logo and click on it with a mouse.

After that, you will need to fill out a small form indicating the desired transfer amount (some establishments may also ask to enter an e-mail address). Next, the player will be sent to his wallet, where he will pay for the invoice. Do not forget about commissions, which will necessarily be included in the payment. The transaction is carried out according to the system's rules (with confirmation by SMS, etc.).

How to Withdraw Funds from ЮMoney (Yandex-Money) Casinos?

To withdraw winnings, you need to be an identified user not only in the system of ЮMoney, but also in the gambling club itself. Going to the personal cabinet, you need to choose the withdrawal method. In our case, it is Yandex.Money. Clicking on the wallet logo, you need to follow the instructions. In different clubs, the withdrawal procedure may differ slightly from each other. In any case, you must specify the wallet number and the withdrawal amount.

The operation will be made in the order of the queue and per the casino's rules. Limits and withdrawal terms depend on the conditions adopted in a particular club.

Frequently asked Questions

💳 What is Yandex.Money?

This is a Russian payment system, which is currently called ЮMoney. It has been operating since 2002 and is very popular among Russians and residents of some other countries.

👌 Can I play casino games with ЮMoney?

Yandex.Money, or ЮMoney, is accepted at many online casinos. These are mainly casinos designed for Russians and Russian-speaking residents of other countries.

👍 Is ЮMoney a convenient system for online casino players?

Yes, it attracts many advantages, including high transfer speeds, impressive authority, a convenient interface, and so on. However, some features of the system do not suit all users. For example, ЮMoney does not work in some countries.

  • Translation speed
  • Sufficiently high reliability and safety
  • Large limits for identified customers
  • Extensive capabilities and value-added services
  • Possibility to link bank cards
  • Own MasterCard cards
  • Sole currency of use (rubles)
  • Affiliation with Sberbank
  • High commission fees
  • Absence it many popular casinos
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