Gambling scams: the blogs of readers


Blogs about Casino Scams

The world of gambling from time immemorial attracts crooks of all stripes. In gambling houses live money revolves, and this is a tasty morsel for scammers. The first sharps appeared as soon as people learned to make bets, betting on valuable things. Since then, representatives of this "profession" improve their skills, evolving in parallel with the development of the gambling industry.

Numerous articles published in the thematic section of Casinoz are devoted to fraud in the gambling business. It is also mentioned in the author's blogs of readers of the portal, available on this page.

What are casino cheats?

The field of games for money is full of scammers of different types. They trade in all kinds of industries: online casinos, slot halls, real gambling houses, bookmakers, bingo halls, poker rooms and, of course, on the street, where it is easiest to turn such frauds.

  • Scammers beat victims in cards, using all sorts of tricks;
  • Cheats on roulette steal chips and substituted the chips on the winning numbers;
  • A computer genius hacks into the "brains" of slot machines and progressive jackpots systems;
  • Techies invent various devices to help them beat the casino;
  • Scam artists create abstruse schemes to deceive gullible lovers of easy money.

In short, you need to be careful about gambling. Danger can lurk around every corner. That's why you need to use any available source of information about scams in the gambling business. It helps to fight against cheaters.

Who writes to diaries on casino scams?

Blogs about katals are interesting because the articles are written by representatives of different professions and walks of life:

  1. Real hustlers,
  2. Employees land-based casino,
  3. Experts – theorists,
  4. Professional player,
  5. The reviewers of gambling,
  6. Simply curious readers, which this theme not give contemplated.

It is always curious to know how people from the opposite spheres look at the same question.

What are the topics of blogs on scammers in gambling?

The blogs about the crooks at the casino considers numerous aspects of the:

  • Scams on the Internet,
  • Scammers at online casinos,
  • Crooks in real gambling establishments,
  • Sharper tools,
  • Tricks and tricks rolled,
  • Card games behind bars and so on.

If you are ready to tell readers something fascinating on this topic, start your blog.


Do not forget the gray truth:

Forewarned is forearmed.

If you are not interested in gambling, it does not mean that they are not interested in you. Be prepared to fight back.