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What could be more tempting for a passionate lover of gambling than a huge jackpot! In some slots, accumulative amounts reach several million dollars, and in the largest lotteries, it can be hundreds of millions. In addition, gambling operators play thousands of less impressive progressive jackpots.

This is a very interesting direction of gambling, attracting many regular customers to the casino. If you're also partial to it, read the jackpot blogs. Casinoz readers publish posts on this page.

This section perfectly complements the thematic heading of expert articles about progressive jackpots, providing up-to-date information on the topic.

What are casino jackpots?

To avoid misunderstandings with the terminology, let's first understand what we mean by the word "jackpot".

Jackpot is the maximum amount of money raffled on special conditions.

For comparison:

The payout of the largest standard combination in the slot machine is not a jackpot.

In gambling, jackpots can be classified according to different criteria. Let's highlight a few key aspects:

  • Is the jackpot type a fixed or rising amount?
  • Audience coverage – how many games are covered: on one machine or table, on several machines in the network, on the whole institution, on all games regardless of the casino?
  • Type of game – in what model is raffled: slots, lottery, roulette, blackjack?
  • The principle of the draw – How can you fight for the jackpot: on the additional or main bet, in the bonus game or base spins, under certain conditions?

While studying the rules of the jackpot, do not forget to clarify all the nuances:

  1. How does it play out?
  2. How is the sum formed?
  3. Is there a starting value?
  4. Do high rollers have an advantage?
  5. Are the amounts tied to the rate or are they the same for all customers?
  6. How is the jackpot paid?

Progressive gambling reviews and feature articles at Casinoz cover in detail all the major issues related to jackpots of different types.

Who writes to blogs about online casino jackpots?

Any reader of the portal can write blogs about progressive jackpots. You just need to register with a small, intuitive form.

Most of the authors of diaries are:

  • Employees of casino operators talk about new products, large payments, future releases, and so on.
  • Representatives of software developers – Employees of manufacturing companies also inform about models with jackpots.
  • Real customers – People who play for money in casinos or lotteries, brag about payouts, and give advice to other readers.
  • The experts of gambling publish expert materials on jackpots.
  • Concerned users are ordinary visitors who have learned something exciting about jackpots and want to tell you a story.

You can also keep a diary to discuss topics of interest to you, give advice to beginners and share experiences with the world.

What are the blogs on jackpots dedicated to?

The authors of the blogs consider all sorts of topics directly or indirectly related to jackpots in the world of gambling. Let's highlight some of the most popular destinations:

  • New progressive slots – Don't you want to know about new slot machines with progressive jackpots?
  • Real stories about winnings – Posts about the incredible sums that got lucky are always popular with readers.
  • Features of the rules – If you play in a casino for money and hope to hit a huge jackpot, it is better to understand the intricacies of the rules.
  • Practical tips – in the jackpot draw, not everything is decided by fortune and the random number generator. In many cases, you can increase the chances of success. How to do this, experienced players tell.

Sometimes blog owners surprise us with unexpected stories that astonish even the most sophisticated and experienced players.


If you are really gambling and like to play at the casino, this section of Casinoz will surely be interesting to you, because jackpots are one of the most exciting topics in the world of gambling.

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