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Blogs about Live Casinos

Gambling with real dealers is one of the main trends of modern online gambling. They are offered by all the best online casinos, and many institutions cooperate with several operators who organize the gameplay in this format.

Its essence is as follows:

Croupiers lead the game process, being in special studios or halls of real casinos. There is a continuous video broadcast. Customers follow it on the screen of a computer or smartphone and place bets through a special interface.

In this case, the dealers only lead the gameplay. They do not determine the winners, do not calculate the number of payments and do not work with chips at all. This is what the program does.

The nuances of the live casinos are discussed in detail in the thematic publications of the section" Articles " at Casinoz. On these page readers of the portal share their thoughts and observations about this type of gambling business.

What are the blogs on live dealers about?

The editorial board does not define the topics that affect the authors of the diaries. They decide what to write about. Accordingly, blogs address all sorts of, sometimes very unexpected questions.

Let's highlight a few key areas:

  • Live casino features,
  • Nuances of working as a dealer in such institutions,
  • Features of popular studios and platforms,
  • Tips for playing against real stickmen,
  • Reviews of existing live casinos,
  • Psychological aspects and so on.

In fact, it is difficult to predict what any author of a blog about "live" online casinos can write about because the list of likely topics is incredibly wide.

Who keeps blogs about live casinos?

We can not give an accurate description to all users who blog at Casinoz. However, we can identify some characteristic types of authors:

  1. Real players – customers tell how they play in different institutions;
  2. Service providers of software developers to share information about their studios and the capabilities of the software;
  3. Casino operators – representatives of gambling establishments advertise promotions, new games, and other services;
  4. Employees – former and current croupiers write about the secrets of the profession;
  5. Concerned readers – enthusiasts consider interesting topics;
  6. Regular columnists – sometimes employees of the portal Casinoz also leave notes in blogs.

Any visitor of the site can write articles about live casinos in this section.

How can you get readers interested?

Do you want to open your gambling blog in this format? We welcome your decision and want to give some practical advice on how to attract and keep the attention of readers:

  • Competence – are you sure you understand the topic? Among the users of this section, there are many experienced players and even professionals who are well aware of the nuances of the live casino.
  • Originality – Many issues have been repeatedly addressed in the notes of other readers. Should I write another article about the principles of "live" casinos or the advantages of this format?
  • Title – Catchy headlines increase the likelihood that your publication will be read.
  • Language – Stick to a style that is close and understandable to the target audience. Write in simple language, which is used by live casino customers.
  • Formatting – do not be lazy to make subheadings, lists, and other elements that make the article more attractive and comfortable.
  • Calls to action – do you want readers to discuss the topic with you? Let them know that you are happy to communicate.

Recall the universal rules of blogging. They are simple, but you should not forget about them. Please read them to avoid any possible misunderstandings.


Many gambling enthusiasts regularly play with real croupiers at online casinos. If you want to share your experience with them, keep a blog on this topic. It's a great way to express yourself.