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Diamond dreams Slot Review

What do most of the girls are dreaming of? Of course, about diamonds. It is amazing how these wonderful gem stones are able enchant. Meanwhile, if you combine this passion with online casino gambling, simply amazing things can happen. It would be impossible to stop the luxury hunters. Temptation is high and it seems that everything you need is to put out your hand and  take what is given. But is it so simple indeed?


What do the guys are dreaming about? Of course, about girls. And diamonds are not rest here. wonderful stones can attract women much faster, this is how they made. However, it is obvious that diamonds are not lying unattended. To earn such funds it is necessary to work several decades, while it is possible to make it faster in Diamond Dreams slot machine! As diamond dreams are common for everybody, we have the same aim - to try your fortune in this game! Online slot machines available in the online casinos is the shortest way to reach this aim!

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How to Play Diamond dreams slot

Knowing about our dreams, Betsoft company hurries up to make them true with help of the new slot machine named Diamond Dreams. It is quite a typical model. Such video slots seems to be churned out. They have the similar electronic sound and similar interfaces, so in the other words, this production can hardly be called exclusive. However, in spite of all its drawbacks, Diamond Dreams slot machine pays out good money time after time, so we would better close our eyes to small disadvantages. Finally, it has its market. As MacDonald’s as an exclusive restaurant are still exist and the net of dinners doesn't need to be upgraded to the status of restaurants. Perhaps, dishes are not so delicious there, but are well-known to everybody and you can always be sure what you get in this place. That’s why mass production of games is not what we can get in the nearest future. In case you are a fun of online slot machines, you can pick another sample to your collection. Just add this slot machine to your gaming library while you can download it free.

There is nothing difficult in playing this classic online slot machine. This game is not provided with a progressive jackpot, while some gamblers consider the simplicity of this game as its advantage.

Diamond Dreams video slot has three reels and five active lines. It is a perfect slot for the beginners, that’s why if you are just starting playing online slot machines, this model would help you to get used to this kind of gambling games. The graphics of this game is traditional and it would let you immediately understand that it is a classic online slot machine. If you have ever played a fruit online slot machine in your life, you definitely understand what we are talking about.

You would have to stake from two sets per spin. Of course, it is always better to stake the maximal bet to increase your profit a lot in case of winning. Is it possible to change an amount of the bet during the game? You can read about it in our article at the website.

The sound effects of this game are made in retro style and are very simple. Most of classic online slot machines have the same background music. That’s why the outstanding feature of this game is in its simplicity, no matter that it sounds weird. When you decode to relax, just start playing online. Online slot machines developed by Betsoft company are making well what our close people are unable for time after time - they can bring you peace and calmness.

Diamond dreams Symbols, Wild, Scatter

Every gaming symbol of Diamond Dreams slot machine has its «price». Some of the symbols are very valuable, while others are low cost. There are single Bar, double Bar, triple Bar, as well as bells, cherries, huge diamonds and Red & symbols.

Diamond dreams Bonus games

Any bonus games are not provided by the rules of Diamond Dreams slot machine.


The highest jackpot of Diamond Dreams slot machine is a prize in amount of 1000 coins - we can’t say that it is much, but the popular wisdom says that «many a little makes a mickle». To receive the prize in amount of one thousand coins, you need to pick three diamonds at the active line. The second prize is just 750 coins.

Diamond dreams Interface

The interface of Diamond Dreams slot machine is extremely plain. You would see the following buttons in the bottom part of the screen of this model:

  • Spin - start a new gaming round.
  • Max bet - start a new spin by the maximal bet.
  • Bet One - activate one pay line.


Diamond Dreams would perfectly suit those who like simple and unpretentious games. Everything you need to do here is to spin the reels and do not worry about any extra bonus rounds.

Play Diamond dreams in Casino for Real Money

In spite of the fact that Diamond Dreams slot machine has competitive and more powerful slot machines exist, this video slot would definitely find its audience and its funs. You can play Diamond Dreams slot machine if you visit Red 7 online casino.

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