This video slot is devoted to one of the breaking moments of human history - discovery of America, which was made by Christopher Columbus changing the evolution of the ages. Looking for India he has discovered new land spaces sincerely believed that he found India. That’ why the original population of America is still called Indians. Learn the history playing on «Discovery» slot machine!

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Play Discovery

«Discovery» is the five reeled online slot machine, which has twenty five pay lines, developed by Playtech company. It is also provided with Wild symbols, the gambling feature and free spins, so it has everything to make the game very attractive for different kinds of gamblers.
To play on «Discovery» slot machine, you have to buy tokens of value from one cent to one dollar, which is the maximal possible token denomination. It is possible to stake up to ten tokens per each of the lines. You can activate any number of pay lines from twenty five available. It is possible to spend just a bit, while the maximal acceptable bet is two hundred fifty dollars per spin. Any player can find the bet which suits his budget in this game. To play by all twenty five active lines and ten coins per line, please use «Max Bet» button, which sets it up in one click.
Wild symbol of this game is an image of an island. It can replace any other standard symbols, except of Scatter.
Scatter symbol is and image of a captain. You get one hundred total bets due to Scatter symbols. When three images of the captain drop out at the screen on «Discovery» slot machine, you win ten free spins with x3 multiplier. Your total win is multiplied three times. During free spins three images of the captain can drop out at the reels again and new free spins you are gifted with are added to the rest. The prize you win during free spins is transferred to your gaming account.
This model is also provided with the gambling feature, which help of which you can double up your win or a half of it. The gambling feature has a stylish design and we have played in a tie with the dealer. Then we have won the deal risking with a half of the win. We should say that playing this game is quite exciting even when the bets are not very high. The feeling that you can play out the dealer is thrilling. In case, all the gaming details are well worked out. It has an excellent visualization, live characters and the atmosphere which suits that times. It reminds us the beautiful story about the Pocahontas, which make line is love of the Indian girl and the captain. It is hardly possible not to fall in love with such a wild flower as Pocahontas was. Grown up among free flats she reflects free spirit of unborn America. A proud posture, bright appearance, wild temper and unbelievable beauty could conquer any captain. However our captain knows beans. He is brave and courageous and doesn't afraid of any troubles.
When an image of the captain drops out at the screen and makes a winning combination, he turns and renders a salute. Among other symbols of this game you can see a flower, a spyglass, which is a faithful assistant of the captain, as well as the view seen by the captain through it once. It is a blue continent at the horizon. It is the desirable dream of many who were willing to this continent to live up their American dreams. Everybody has his own: somebody is dreaming about a million dollars, somebody wants to have his own land which gives him profit, others imagine a big house to grow up their children.
What was the captain dreaming of when he sailed to this land? He wanted to bring glory to himself and his country and bring countless treasures from these lands. However when he came here and saw locals and the beautiful Pocahontas, something was broken in his soul and started dreaming about something else…
But what was the beautiful Indian dreaming of? Her friend always the free wind and she didn't wish any other future, but this brave captain has come from nowhere and has turned her world upside down and gave her absolutely different wishes. Now freedom is not so desirable, but even painful far from him…
So, «Discovery» is not only about new continent, it is also about discovery of new feelings and desires when somebody is ready to deny everything he has in favor of the smile of that special someone.


The most important symbols of this game are the image of the captain, which also plays part of Scatter symbol, as well as images of the local Indian girl, which looks honorably and wear typical Indian jewelry. There are also such images as a compass, which plays part of Wild symbol here, a flower, growing at new lands and card symbols with ropes and anchors. Marine topic is perfectly expressed in this video slot. This game has simply fantastic illustrations, while old music takes us to the atmosphere of that times.


An amount of the jackpot of «Discovery» slot machine is 5000 coins. To win it, you have to work hard until five images of Pocahontas drop out at the screen. The second-highest symbol of this game is an image of the island, which can bring you 1000 line bets.

Discovery Interface

You can see the following controlling buttons at the interface of «Discovery» video slot:

  • Info – information about the game.
  • Auto Start - the automatic game mode.
  • Lines – select the active lines.
  • Bet Per Line – select an amount of the bet per line.
  • Bet Max – start a new spin by the maximal bet.

Gamble – play in the gambling feature.


The visualization of this beautiful story has been perfectly made by the specialists of Playtech. The functionality also answers high demands, that’s why this video slot is extremely popular in online casinos. Music, the graphics, high wins will rise your mood up and you wouldn't like to stop playing on «Discovery» video slot.

Where to play Discovery for free or real money?

Discover «Discovery» slot machine for yourself in William Hill Casino which is very famous in the web, or in Mansion Casino which is less famous, but never disappointed anybody with its service.Your responses about «Discovery» slot machine would help us making Casinoz more interesting and useful for the readers. Please share your impressions in comments to the review and rate this game. Your opinion is very important for us.

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