Goblin's Cave
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Goblin's Cave Slot Review

Goblin's Cave is a three-reel slot machine with three lines and multi-spin from the developer Playtech. It has a wild symbol, an opportunity to hold and a bonus game will make it attractive.

7.71 /10
Goblin's Cave
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Describing this game for you, we want only one thing: you should have a wonderful time and enjoy the game. It does not matter you play for money or for fun. You may play at Titan Casino or Tropez Casino
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How to Play Goblin's Cave slot online

You have to visit the goblin's cave searching for treasures in the game Goblin's Cave. The cute goblin in glasses twists the handle, which leads to the appearance of symbols. You can choose any chip denomination ranging from one cent to five dollars. Then you can play using one chip, which means that you will have one payline, or you can select a larger number of chips or even their maximum number. In this game you can wager at most 5 chips per spin. This enables you to use 5 paylines. As soon as you are ready to play, you should click on Spin. During the first spin only the lower reel is spinning. In this game there is a hold option due to which the game is more interesting and not so simple.

The game Goblin's Cave has the following winning combinations: three lamp symbols, which will also trigger the bonus game; three coin symbols, which will return you the size of your bet; ruby symbols, which doubles the bet. Other combinations are described in the table below:

  • 3 red ruby symbols - 150 bets
  • 3 diamond crown symbols - 125 bets
  • 3 royal crown symbols - 100 bets
  • 3 golden crown symbols - 75 bets
  • any 3 crown symbols - 20 bets
  • 3 red lamp symbols - 50 bets
  • 3 blue lamp symbols - 35 bets
  • 3 green lamp symbols - 20 bets
  • 3 red ring symbols - 15 bets
  • 3 purple ring symbols - 10 bets
  • any 3 lamp symbols - 5 bets
  • 3 green ring symbols - 5 bets
  • 2 green ruby symbols - 5 bets
  • any 3 ring symbols - 2 bets
  • 1 red ruby symbol - 2 bets
  • 3 goblin's coin symbol - 1 bet

Goblin's Cave Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The symbols of the game Goblin's Cave include different types of crowns: golden, diamond and royal; rings of different colors: red, purple, green; goblin's coins and lamps with various kinds of design.
Apart from all these winning combinations, the game has many goodies. Let's take a closer look at offers of Goblin's Cave. The game has a wild symbol. The wild symbol is a ruby with the inscription Wild. This means that the red ruby can replace any other symbol, if necessary.
Two or three ruby symbols on the payline form winning combinations that bring you the payouts in accordance with the above-mentioned table. Pay attention that only one payline is paid.
Also keep in mind the fact that the ruby wild symbol can not be placed instead of the lamp or the symbol that activates the bonus game.
The treasure chest bonus is another attractive feature that draws the attention of players.
The lamp symbol is a bonus symbol. Do not think that the bonus guarantees you a win, but you will be able to receive the bonus round.
If the lamp symbols appear on the first, second and third reels on one of the lines, this activates the bonus treasure chest.
If you get three lamps in the first row and three in the second one, you may play two bonus games.
During the bonus game, you should click on the treasure chest. You will find the prize inside. At the end of the bonus game you are returned to the goblin's cave and your bonus is added to the win.

Goblin's Cave Bonus games

The game Goblin's Cave does not have bonus rounds.


The jackpot in the game Goblin's Cave comprises 150 bets per line, if three ruby symbols appear on the line. The ruby also serves as a wild symbol in this game, i.e. it can be used to close winning combinations or rather make them winning. The second-ranking payout is a combination of crown symbols.

Goblin's Cave RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Goblin's Cave Interface

The hold option is very convenient and it may be useful when 2 or 3 identical symbols appear. After the first spin, you can hold any reels, if you desire, and then you should click on Spin the second time. If winning combinations appear on the reels, you will receive payouts according to the pay table. You will need to make a bet on all three rows.

There are the following buttons:

  • Spin allows spinning the reels
  • Bet Max allows making the highest bet
  • Bet One is used to activate the line
  • +/- allow adjusting the coin value
  • Paytable shows the pay table
  • Hold is used to hold symbols

Mobile Compatibility


Keep in mind if this is your first experience of this type of game that it is better to make the lowest bet, until you finally realize what is happening. There is also the opportunity to play Goblin's Cave in demo mode. In this case you will have the opportunity to learn the rules before you risk your own funds.
The handle creaks when the goblin twists it and sounds that you can hear, create an atmosphere of the game. The goblin in glasses twisting the handle is very cute, and the game even allows feeling the comfort of home. You may feel this due to the talent of artists engaged in the development of products from Playtech, their experience and the ability to draw attention of people to the game.
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