Perhaps, you have already heard about Thor. Moreover, a new movie after this story has been recently released. It is the god of vikings, which is famous for his power. He had a hammer, which he used to destroy the enemies. You can find more about adventures of Thor playing Thor Blimey! slot machine.

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Play Thor Blimey!

Thor Blimey! online slot machine has three reels and five pay lines.

There are several versions of this scandinavian legend. Here is ours version: Thor was send to the Earth by this father, Odin, because Thor was in the grip of arrogance. Father wanted to teach the son a lesson, but pleasures of common humans were so likely for Thor that he started sailing by seas with his team and collect robbed goods. Due to his power and courage, he has gathered so much wealth, that didn't know what to do with it.

In this game Thor is ready to share it with you, because you go to an online casino to win your prizes. It is not so easy to find such a great quantity of exciting gaming options as in this slot machine. By the way, this video slot is available even without registration for you, that’s why you can practice first. Some gamblers prefer first to download the slot machine, because, first of all, it is free, and secondly, you can start playing by the real money armed at all points, when you already know every feature of this game.

Thor Blimey! video slot is very generous due to its options. For example, even nudges are available in different views. There are also Hold and Super Hold options in this game. Microgaming company has decided to get the best of it creating this video slot. Using Super Hold option, the player can control a part of the gameplay.

The bonus option of Thor Blimey! slot machine is especially interesting when numbers from one to twelve appear at the fourth reel. There are also automatic nudges with payoffs in amount up to twenty thousand dollars!

Thor Blimey! Symbols, Wild, Scatter

At the screen of Thor Blimey! slot machine you can see images of Thor the thunderer, the wife of Thor - golden haired goddess Cif, sevens, an orange, beer, a cherry and a lemon. Here is quite an unusual fruit slot.

Thor Blimey! Bonus games

In case you win a prize, Gamble button appears at the control panel, which offers you to take a risk and stake your winning in hope to increase it. As an alternative to the gambling feature, you can click at Collect button, which is situated next to it.

However, there is a third options: Exchange on the feature button. It means that you can exchange your winning for a bonus game. Be sure, the bonus game is worth of it.

The bonus game of Thor Blimey! slot machine has a plenty of bonus options. They can not only entertain you well, but also are quite functional. Let’s check it out:

As soon as you open another interface with all characters, you can see northmen on the ship, Thor, who stays with beer and hammer, as well as a snake, diving out from the sea. It is another kind of the gambling feature, but a little bit more complicated. Here you can win cash, nudges, as well as different gaming options. It is possible to quit this game at any moment by click at collect button or continue spinning the reels. So, which options can you get here?


Here to go back to the reels and they start spinning. Every time a symbol with images of a long ship appears at the screen, it crosses the pay line and an amount of the payoff is highlighted. It continues until the reels are stopped. Then you receive a prize.

Suen will I see you again?

Here you would see three different multipliers at the screen, which are hidden. You can use your skill to receive the largest prize and choose the final position. You should select the one you consider to be the highest and receive your winning.

Mat the Norse be with you!

Here you go back to the reels and outside positions of the reels start highlighting in a round. If you click at Stop button, the speed starts getting lower slowly until the reels stop. If you practice enough you can exactly understand when the blinking is about to stop.

Cash Raider

When you get this option, you go back to the reels, where you can see lots of prizes. Here you have to stop the reel and wait for the following, which can be higher or lower than the previous one. Please be careful: you should decide when to stop the game and collect your prize in time.

Plunder Bolt

The cash-pot is getting started from zero and coating goes up or down. Only the scandinavian gods know where it stops! You should use your skill to stop it at the highest payoff. But which of payoffs is the highest? Just don’t be greedy or you are going to lose and get a smaller payoff.

Valhalla Bonanza

Random numbers start spinning at the reels. You have to stop the money wheel at the most beneficial position, but please don’t be slowly, hurry up! The numbers at the screen are summarized and the final amount is multiplied by the current bet.

Thor richer or poorer!

Here you go back to the reels, which start going down. You would have to stop it in a winning position. Please be aware that they are not going to move forever!

Spin shape

Here you go back to the reels, where winning is spinning right in front of you.

Norsey but nice

Nine symbols are imaged at the jazzy background. You can stop it by click at Stop button and receive a prize.


An amount of the jackpot of Thor Blimey! slot machine is 2000 bets.

Thor Blimey! Interface

Thor Blimey! free online slot machine has a stunning graphics. Probably, the ancient legend has impressed the illustrator a lot and he has put his heart into it. Thor is pretty excellent and the design of the interface was made on the highest level.

There are not so many buttons at the control panel of this game:

  • View Feature - look through the bonus option.
  • Spin - start a new spin.

Please take in account that other buttons suddenly appear at the screen during the gameplay, which we have already mentioned above.


Exciting music (especially in the bonus game), the interesting topic and a very beautiful gameplay are the first three reasons to play Thor Blimey! slot machine. A plenty of valuable prizes is another enormous advantage, which overweights all doubts, if you still have some, about to play Thor Blimey! slot machine or not.

Where to play Thor Blimey! for free or real money?

Thor Blimey! free online slot machine is available in Crazy Vegas casino.

We are looking for your responses about Thor Blimey! video slot, which you can write in comments to the review. Your opinion is very important for us.

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