Eleven individuals were captured on Jan. 2 for unlawful betting after an unknown tip was brought in to specialists, as per a police report. The captures come after, on Nov. 28, an officer with North Myrtle Beach got an unknown telephone call about illicit betting occurring in the city. The guest told police that card amusements were being composed by a man distinguished in the report at Frei at a home on 38th Avenue South in the Windy Hill people group, as indicated by the police report. 

The guest told police Frei might be under scrutiny by SLED as of now for unlawful betting, however changes areas consistently to stay away from capture, as per the police report. The guest additionally told police that amusements were being held at a home in Barefoot Resort and one at a home on 26th Avenue North, the report states. On Dec. 7, police got another call from a similar individual saying the amusements were all the while going on and inquiring as to why no move was made, as per the report. Officers instructed him to come down to the station to give data on the betting, however he declined. 

Be that as it may, the guest enlightened police more data concerning Frei and someone else who was facilitating recreations. On Jan. 2, police executed a court order on a home off Oyster Catcher Drive, the report states. As per the report, the individual inside the home advised police not to come in. Police told the individual that on the off chance that they didn't open the entryway, it would be constrained open, to which the tenant answered, at that point break it, as per the report. Police constrained their way into the home where they discovered card tables, records, various arrangements of cards, poker chips and other gaming gear.

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