Adrian Mateos has recently won the 2016 WSOP $1,500 No-Limit Holdíem Event. Its characteristic feature was the duration of levels. They lasted for ninety minutes, instead of traditional one hour. This tournament attracted 1,840 participants who managed to create a prize pool of $2,484,000. The young Spaniard Adrian Mateos obtained his second World Series of Poker title and $409,171 in addition.

His first gold bracelet was won in 2013. The current victory allowed the winner to collect 4,600,000 million dollars for the entire career. Mateos is only the third gold bracelet winner from Spain. Two others are Carlos Mortensen and Cesar Garcia.
According to the timetable, the tournament should have lasted for four days. However, its participants competed for the title during five days. 
Mateos was able to beat Koray Aldemir from Vienna, Austria in the final heads-up round, despite the fact that Koray Aldemir had had a small advantage over his opponent at the beginning of the final round. Both finalists required 57 hands to determine the winner. At the end of the round, Mateos had 12 times more chips compared to his opponent from Austria.
The Austrian poker player moved all in and Mateos called, having a four of hearts and a four of clubs. Aldemir had an ace of hearts and a deuce of spades. 
The croupier dealt a ten of clubs, nine of spades, three of diamonds, five of clubs, and five of hearts. So, Adrian Mateos won his second title. The runner up pocketed $252,805 as a consolation prize.
Apart from his title and a huge amount of money, Mateos managed to get 1,080 Player of the Year (POY) points. 
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