In Malaysia an illegal online gambling provider earned approximately 20,000 Malaysian ringgits per day as wagers placed by bettors from Malaysia and Singapore. This operator provided gamblers with the opportunity to enjoy different lotteries and wagers on the outcomes of football matches. In particular, we are talking about the matches of the current 2016 UEFA European Championship. 
Bettors could place their wagers via Facebook, WeChat, and WhatsApp. These applications were also used to promote activities of the illegal operator.
However, the successful raid of the local police and the Federal Secret Societies, Gambling, and Vice Division led to cessation of providing its services. The police arrested 9 employees of the illegal online gambling operator. It is interesting to note that there were four females among them. According to Datuk Rosli Chik, a representative of the officials, 
ten PCs, over one dozen mobile devices, and five laptops were confiscated. 
Owners of the operator did not waste time. The illegal organization, which had started its activities in March, operated in three shifts 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Fans of betting and gambling were able to contact its employees via mobile phones. Representatives of the operator sent account details to users in order to transfer customersí funds. The payouts were also transferred to the accounts of winners by employees of the illegal online gambling operator.
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