Aurora is taking a gander at restricting the number and area of video betting terminals. City Clerk Wendy McCambridge this week introduced to magistrates a few proposals that would change two city laws to restrict the general number of betting terminals, and in addition confine their fixation. The recommended changes, presented at the current week's Committee of the Whole gathering, came following a half year of concentrate by McCambridge and city staff, amid which time the city has watched a ban on granting any new video betting licenses. 

Chairman Richard Irvin stated: 

We're attempting to strike an adjust where we don't hurt our, yet we're not prohibiting organizations coming in and applying for video gaming. 

The City Council sanctioned a ban on video betting terminals last September for a half year to consider the impact the more up to date type of lawful betting is having on the customary riverboat betting clubhouse, one of which, Hollywood Casino, has been in Aurora since 1993. Irvin called attention to that while the city has seen an unfaltering drop in clubhouse income from what was a high of about $15 million of every 2006 to the about $7 million the city got in 2017, the club still acquires substantially more than the $339,056 video betting brought the city a year ago. 

He said that 2017 was the principal year that, statewide, video betting got more income than clubhouse betting. An Illinois Casino Gaming Association review from a couple of years prior demonstrated that from 2013, the primary entire year of video betting, to 2014, admissions to the state's clubhouse went around 1.4 million individuals. 

The chairman stated: 

We get a huge number of dollars from the club, we get thousands from video gaming. We're discussing a top until we're certain it's not harming our bread and margarine. 

Aurora has 147 video betting terminals in 34 foundations in the city. Since most direction of video betting is left to nearby purviews, Aurora chose in 2012 to attach it to its alcohol laws. Just places with existing alcohol licenses are qualified to get video betting licenses, despite the fact that it is a different permit. Under those standards, the city could have upwards of 370 terminals in 74 foundations, McCambridge said. The new proposed controls would confine the general terminals to 200 citywide, and enable any area to have close to five terminals. 

It likewise would not permit video betting terminals inside a half-mile of a place that as of now has video betting. It would permit just a single place with video betting for each mall. The new directions likewise would make just eateries - as characterized by the state as having sustenance deals be no less than 51 percent of their business - qualified for terminals. The city would granddad in all foundations that as of now have video betting terminals until the time that business is sold or leaves business, the leader said. The new controls additionally would build the expense for a permit from $100 a year to $300 a year, and would expand the charge to the terminal wholesaler to $1,200 a year for every terminal from the current $1,000. 

McCambridge said with the city connecting video betting to alcohol licenses, it kept spots like markets, corner store smaller than normal shops and laundromats from having the capacity to include betting terminals. Councilmen addressed specifically the breaking point of a half-mile between foundations with video betting. Alds. Judd Lofchie, tenth Ward, and Rick Mervine, eighth Ward, both speak to wards with the Route 59 retail and eatery hallway going through them. They said the half-mile point of confinement could hurt that region's capacity to get new eateries or games bar tasks. 

Mervine stated: 

We are very brave of the city, similar to Route 59, we're endeavoring to make a goal. The half-mile, I believe is fairly self-assertive. 

He said permitting video betting on the Aurora side of Route 59 could be an upper hand, particularly since Naperville doesn't permit video betting by any means. Mervine recommended the city consider permitting a change method, whereby a foundation could apply to get terminals regardless of whether the site is inside a half-mile of another betting foundation. Council members likewise needed more data about what number of organizations are alive today as a result of video betting cash. The new directions will be on the plan for the March 13 City Council meeting, at 6 p.m. in the gathering chambers, City Hall, 44 E. Killjoy Place.

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