The Italian American Bocce Club of Allentown has been accused of illicit betting by giving video poker and space machines, and running a NCAA b-ball wagering pool. The Italian American Bocce Club of Allentown has been accused of illicit betting by giving video poker and slot machines, and running a NCAA b-ball wagering pool. The charges take after a five-month examination by state alcohol implementation officer Gabriel T. Gigliotti. The charges were sent to the club Monday in care of William "Rough" Schreppel Jr., the club treasurer. 

As indicated by the police grievance, Gigliotti, working covert, saw five video betting machines in task from December through March at the Bocce Club on 273 E. Elm St. The Bocce Club is accused of having illicit betting machines, enabling individuals to utilize the betting machines at the club, and running a wagering pool, all infringing upon the state alcohol code. 

We don't know anything yet. I don't have a clue about the subsequent stage. We need to get notification from them. 

He said the club won't permit any betting later on. Alcohol code infringement by and large are rebuffed by fines and alcohol permit suspensions, and a bar might be required to retrain its staff in its commitments. The more genuine infractions can bring about the passing of a permit. In the grumbling, recorded in the Allentown office of District Judge Michael D'Amore, Gigliotti says that on Feb. 21 he won $25 on $10 he played in a video space machine, and he was paid by the barkeep. 

The protest says: 

The cash for the payout was recovered from a white bank sack, in a cabinet under the money enlist. Amid this visit I additionally watched the barkeep play out a 'knock-off' of my outstanding credits, squeezing a catch mix on the VGD, utilizing two bits of metal to actuate the motherboard to delete the credits, or squeezing a catch or switch on the VGD. 

Gigliotti on Feb. 28 again won video opening machine payouts and credits at the club, and again was paid from the bank pack under the bar money enlist, the grumbling says. The alcohol code officer on March 4 saw a Bocce Club benefactor win with "five of a kind" on a poker video machine and trade out his rewards with the barkeep, who again went to the bank sack under the enlist, the protest says. Locale Judge Rashid Santiago endorsed a court order March 29 and, soon thereafter, formally dressed officers went to the club and seized $1,777 in betting continues and the five video betting machines.

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