Cliff Josephy, who is an American professional poker player from Syosset, New York, can boast two WSOP titles. In addition, his total earnings for the entire career are currently reaching 2.6 million in dollars. However, his achievements and poker skills have not yet allowed him to finish successfully one of the World Series of Poker Main Events. His best result was a 386th-place finish with a $28,950 payout. But now he is about to significantly improve his previous results, since he is occupying the third position in the standings of the 2016 WSOP Main Event. It is interesting to note that he has to defeat only 26 opponents in order to win this championship. 
He is extremely happy to become one of the top finishers of such a reputable and highly appreciated poker event. 
Cliff Josephy gradually ascended the standings. He took the 84th place after the fourth day. Day 5 allowed him to reach the 22nd place out of 80 remaining participants. Finally, he collected 23,860,000 chips after the sixth day of the tournament. So, he was able to occupy the 3rd position. 
He will compete for the victory with the Czech player Vojtech Ruzicka and another American professional poker player Michael Ruane.
It should be noted that many world-renowned poker players were eliminated on Day 6. We are talking about the following participants: Michael Banducci (a 69th-place finish and $96,787), Dietrich Fast (a 55th-place finish and $116,963), Tony Gregg (a 50th-place finish and $142,447), Chris Klodnicki (a 45th-place finish and $174,826), Jason Les (a 40th-place finish and $174,826), Max Silver (a 33rd-place finish and $216,211), and Paul Volpe (a 29th-place finish and $216,211).
Only 27 players are still able to compete for the victory at the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event. The following players are occupying top ten positions at the moment (the number of chips is mentioned in brackets): Vojtech Ruzicka (26,415,000), Michael Ruane (24,565,000), Cliff Josephy (23,860,000), James Obst (19,560,000), Myung Mike Shin (19,345,000), Valentin Vornicu (17,450,000), Fernando Pons (17,270,000), Thomas Miller (17,185,000), Kenny Hallaert (15,465,000), and Tom Marchese (15,420,000).
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