The Czech Republic has decided to tightly regulate online gambling activities. Milos Zeman, the president of the country, has recently signed several gambling-related laws. They will become valid on January 1, 2017.
The Government of the Czech Republic started focusing on online gambling in 2014. It was believed that gambling could bring higher revenues to the country in the form of taxes, since bettors wagered 6 billion dollars per year on the Internet.
It was offered to establish a 40-percent tax rate, which could significantly limit the number of licensed operators, since they would not be able to compete with illegal providers of gambling-related activities.
The approved laws are less severe. They have provided slightly lower tax rates. For example, the games operating on random number generators will return 35% of revenues to the state. This percentage for sports games and lotteries is equal to 23. Keep in mind that the country also imposes a corporate tax of 19%.
Customers of local online casinos donít support the current situation. According to legislation, the upper betting limit for online poker games is approximately forty dollars. As for the highest possible payout, it cannot exceed roughly $2,050.
So, operators have to ban all games whose betting and winning limits exceed those that are mentioned above. 
Gamblers still prefer to play at illegal casinos. However, the new legislation regulates blocking illegal sites and limiting controversial transactions. 
The situation is still being actively discussed at the highest level. The authorities will decide the fate of tax rates and allowed models.
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