As a major aspect of his housecleaning effort, President Duterte has let go Government Corporate Counsel Rudolf Philip Jurado for supposedly enabling Aurora Pacific Economic Zone to allow betting licenses outside the free port region. At the marking of a law on simplicity of working together in Malacanang, the President lashed out at Jurado for his wrong translation of the APECO sanction, demanding the free port substance had no specialist like the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. 

Duterte clarified that APECO has been given an establishment on financial zone activities, including an arrangement on betting licenses, however such specialist was restricted inside its region. 

He stated: 

When you are conceded an establishment to lead betting in a specific office, it does exclude cultivating out that establishment to different urban communities and regions kasi pagka ganun then you can drift on following your hypothesis, you can meander on to give allows past the shores of Luzon and you can do it in Siasi, Jolo. Kung hindi ka dad naman gago. So you are much the same as a PAGCOR working an autonomous element with similar forces na you give everything. 

Legal counselors from Office of the Government Corporate Counsel prior purportedly educated the President about Jurado's affirmed debasement and ineptitude when he issued a legitimate conclusion enabling APEC to endorse betting licenses outside its territory and favor a 75-year allow to a gambling club. Jurado anyway purportedly safeguarded that under APECO contract, it was permitted to work outside the financial zone as long as it is inside a Philippine Economic Zone Authority-controlled region. He has denied anyway about issuing a 75-year club allow. In his comments, the President communicated daunt with the defilement in the organization as he promised to keep on weeing out failing open workers. 

He stated: 

I have been attempting to be understanding with everyone. In any case, there are dependably that chance to decipher a law or demand in your imbecilic recommendation until the point that the issue escapes hand. 

He stated: 

Regular I have been terminating an undersecretary, a secretary, now I am terminating the Government Corporate Counsel himself. Duterte said he could without much of a stretch locate another legislature corporate insight given the numerous skilled legal counselors in the nation. Alam mo sa totoo lang maraming abogado diyan naghihintay sa labas. There are a great many legal counselors there sitting tight for a fitting chance to work in government. 

He included: 

Hindi na ako kailangan magtanong. I should simply glance around. 

Jurado, previous legal counselor of a hostile to wrongdoing and - defilement promotion gathering, was named to head the OGCC last April 2017. The President initially declared plans to expel the administration guide over debasement claim a week ago.

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