Betway is a company that is nowadays quite famous on the gambling market. However, it has started to offer the opportunity to wager on the outcomes of eSports events. Video games are extremely popular. This kind of entertainment attracts a lot of people who are ready to bet on their favorite teams. That is why this business allows obtaining huge revenues. 
On June 23, 2016 Betaway will start organizing its eSports Fight Night again. Its opening will include the Best of Three DOTA challenge. In this tournament, two best teams will face each other in order to win à5,000. These teams are called Alliance and NaíVi. They are very reputable in the world of gaming and have already won numerous competitions. That is why their members are not very interested in cash prizes. So, the payout for the victory will be sent to some charity organizations. 
This battle will be a great event for those who enjoy playing video games. It is also possible to wager on the victory of their favorite teams.
As for bookmakers, they provide the following odds. NaíVi is higher appreciated by betting operators. The odds for its victory reach 1.60, whereas the odds for Alliance are equal to 2.20.
DOTA 2 requires a lot of skills from gamers. So, even one tiniest mistake may lead to a loss. It is very difficult to improve the situation after making mistakes. This fact explains the popularity of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. The most popular DOTA 2 game is followed by League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm. Betway provides the opportunity to wager on both of these games.
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