England's most youthful Euromillions victor is wanting to sue lottery coordinator Camelot for "destroying" her life after she was permitted to win a million pounds at the young age of 17. Jane Parks, who is presently 21, means to make legitimate move against the lottery managers for their claimed carelessness. Parks guarantees that Camelot ought to never have permitted somebody of her age to win such an extortionate measure of cash, and is currently requiring the base age for winning to be raised from 16 to 18. 

"I thought it would improve it 10 times however it's exacerbated it 10 times. I wish I had no cash generally days. I say to myself, 'My life would be so much simpler in the event that I hadn't won,'" she told the Sunday People. "Individuals take a gander at me and think, 'I wish I had her way of life, I wish I had her cash.' But they don't understand the degree of my anxiety. "I have material things yet separated from that my life is void. What is my motivation in life?" 

Parks, who has forked over for two properties, bosom inserts and a chihuahua, used to function as an administrator temp for 60 minutes in a little level with her mom in her home city of Edinburgh before winning the lottery in 2013. She now guarantees tireless spending can't give her long haul satisfaction, and that she feels "disconnected" as she can no longer identify with her companions. Despite the fact that Parks has selected a counselor to help deal with her riches, her family have their influence. 

"I've perused about other lottery champs who've quite recently blown it all and I can thoroughly perceive how it should be possible," she said. "I was stuck before a money related counselor who was utilizing words like speculation securities. I did not understand what they implied." Camelot, which runs Euromillions, has reacted saying it had given "broad support" to Parks. 

"A devoted champs' consultant gone to Jane at home to pay out her prize, mastermind private keeping money and bolster her through the exposure when she shared news of her win. A free money related and lawful board was set up not long after her win and we place Jane in contact with another champ who won at a similar age, to share their experience and help Jane conform to the win," a representative said. 

Camelot additionally said it is up to parliament to choose when somebody can lawfully play the lottery. "Anybody beyond 16 years old can play the lottery, and in this way win a prize," they said in an announcement. "Camelot doesn't set as far as possible to play – this was concurred at the dispatch of the National Lottery in 1994 thus any inquiries concerning the legitimate age to play would be a matter for parliament." 

Camelot included that it has connected with Parks to offer counsel on a few events, and that it will bear on supporting the youthful tycoon "in any capacity we can, if that is the thing that chooses she needs."

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