It was found that a Vietnamese gambling website was using the online network Facebook to advertise its services to bettors and gamblers.
According to Zing.vn, a page Co Bac Vip (VIP Gaming) on Facebook has recently showed a video with a female live croupier. Viewers could notice her playing a casino game that was widespread in the country. It was called xoc dia. The aim of the game is to shake a reservoir with small chips and inverse it. The outcome of the round is determined by the images on the chips.
The video has become extremely popular. It collected roughly 54,000 viewers. The number of comments was also impressive. Apart from the video, users of Facebook were able to find links to Cobacvip.com. It is one of the portals where gamblers can play various games for real money. In particular, xoc dia is available on the website. Besides, the resource provides gamblers with the opportunity to play other casino games and wager on the outcome of numerous sporting events.
It is prohibited to gamble at casinos in Vietnam. However, there are exceptions. Gambling is banned only for local residents without international passports. Foreigners and owners of international passports may enjoy gambling activities. The issue of gambling legalization is being discussed by the authorities. Nevertheless, this problem can be solved only in the future. At the moment, gambling is illegal. So, addicted gamblers may try their luck at underground casinos. There are also other opportunities. For example, gambling houses are located next to the Cambodian border. It is also possible to play on the Internet. However, gambling is allowed on licensed portals only. 
To be sure, wagering on the Internet is not allowed. However, illegal betting cannot be eliminated, especially during Euro 2016. According to a police report, a lot of gangs are operating numerous illicit betting sites. For example, one of the websites collected bets whose total amount reached 340,000,000 dollars. The gang leader whose name is Bui Quang Duong was arrested in Hai Phong. 
According to the Vietnamese legislation, gambling-related crimes can lead to serious verdicts. As for the punters, they can receive different prison sentences, depending on the size of their bets. If you bet less than $2,240, it is possible to spend from three months to three years in prison. If you wager over 2,240 dollars, you can be sentenced to 2-7 years in jail.
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