It can be anything but difficult to overlook Ryan Fitzy Fitzgerald was at one time an AFL player. That is not intended to be a slight on his opportunity in footy, only a reflection on the immensely fruitful vocation he's cut out for himself since he hung up the boots. In any case, behind the irresistible chuckling of one of Australia's most mainstream media identities - who co-has Nova FM's breakfast radio show Fitzy and Wippa and is a consistent on board TV demonstrates - lies the solemn reality that he was never ready to genuinely satisfy his AFL aspiration. 

Also, when that fantasy was broken, he hit his most reduced point. Fitzy played 18 recreations for Sydney and Adelaide in four years however wounds kept him from adding to that count. Subsequent to being drafted to the Swans he kicked five objectives on his senior presentation however two shoulder reproductions, crotch tasks because of osteitis pubis and genuine knee wounds - the second coming while he was with the Crows - conveyed an untimely end to a promising vocation. 

Talking on a scene of Fox Footy's Bob - with Western Bulldogs legend Bob Murphy - Fitzy uncovered he had no clue what the arrangement was for life after footy. All he needed to do was kick a Sherrin and play 200 amusements and play for the following 10 years. At the point when that was detracted from him, he had no vocation prospects and no cash - essentially on the grounds that he'd bet a great deal of his income away while attempting to fit in with the way of life that was around in the mid 2000s. 

Fitzgerald told: 

Those four years that I had in the AFL, I punted a great deal of my cash up the wall. My old man was crushed by that, since he loathes gambling. It was the earth. Back then, there was a great deal of down time between instructional courses and in the Swans, greater part of blokes would go down the bar and simply have a punt. For me, it was you get the chance to hang out with a portion of these senior blokes going, 'This is astonishing.' 

He had home loan to pay however no real way to pay it and that is the point at which he hit absolute bottom, conveying his mum to tears with the disclosure of exactly how urgent he was getting. 

Fitzgerald stated: 

I cleared out AFL with a home loan, I had a house, I even came to the heart of the matter where I pulled mum aside multi day - it was full on - I said to mum, 'I'm attempting to pay the mortgage. I'm going to get a portion of my mates just to begin mother truckin' developing weed for me, just to get by. Mum separated and I recollect that I got her hand and I was simply smashed and I stated, 'I'm so sad.' 

Fitzgerald did his knee again playing club footy in South Australia and has a companion to thank for beginning him on the excursion that turned his life around. 

He stated: 

I had an inclination that I expected to get defense for her, I was desperate. I did my knee again when I returned to South Adelaide and I was part of the way through my recovery again returning from my third knee reco and my mate said to me, 'Why not go for Big Brother, that reality appear?' 

He did, and his prevalence on screen as a knockabout larrikin kickstarted his ascent to notoriety that has since made him an easily recognized name. While Fitzgerald just at any point needed to play AFL, his ride to the best flight was rough even without the wounds. As a major aspect of 60 minutes in length discourse about his profession on the JunkTime AFL Podcast a month ago, he described the terrible taste left in his mouth by Sydney mentor Rodney Eade's assault after his first amusement in the stores. Fitzgerald arranged for his first amusement in Swans hues in a Twos match at the SCG in 1999 and his dad came the distance from Adelaide to watch. Originating from a nation footy foundation, his father bounced the fence to join the group for its talk in front of the last quarter then after the Swans won a tight challenge, he descended and sung the group tune with the players. 

Be that as it may, the excite of sharing such a crude, passionate minute with his dad - who Fitzgerald says needed simply to see him prevail at football - was destroyed when Eade moved toward him in the changerooms before preparing the next week. 

Fitzgerald reviewed: 

He just began having a turn me: 'Your dad going to shake up this week and make a trick of himself? I pivoted and stated, 'What?' and I could hear a touch of sniggering from the young men. He stated, 'You know, attempting to get on the oval and now he's getting required with the tune, is he going to shake up and make a trick of himself?' I stated, 'He's simply watching his child play.' I was somewhat cut up by that, it smashed me a bit. It was somewhat individual. Also, I thought for a club that prides themselves on family and caring for the families as much as the players, I think he just messed up a smidgen there. It might have been his style of diversion yet that extremely cut me.

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