Galaxy Entertainment Group, which is a famous casino operator from Macau, has opened a new area with low-denomination slots at Galaxy Macau. It is called Duo Fu Duo Cai World. The area includes a set of 128 slots. The lowest denomination of coins that are available for these slots is five Hong Kong cents. This amount is less than one US cent. As for the maximum denomination, it is also fairly low and reaches fifty Hong Kong cents.
These low-denomination slots are intended for middle-class gamblers who enjoy playing Duo Fu Duo Cai games.
Slots are usually less popular in Macau, since local gamblers prefer baccarat. Galaxy Entertainment Group offers slot machines and table games, which have brought 52% of recent revenues. Galaxy Macau provides users with over three thousand slot machines. It should be noted that roughly 14,300 slots are available in Macau. That is why the company provides a significant share of offers on the local slots market.
The company thinks of launching high-cost slots in Macau. However, Galaxy Entertainment Group has serious competitors in Macau. For instance, the famous Grand Lisboa paid out the biggest jackpot in its history to one of its customers. His name is Mr. Sun. The Duo Fu Duo Cai slot machine at Grand Lisboa allowed him to win a very huge amount of money. It reached 1,500,000 dollars.
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