Pro-gambling organizations are trying to support legalization of a casino-style gaming in Nebraska.
Representatives of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska have collected hundreds of thousands of signatures to add this issue to the consideration in November.
Scott Lautenbaugh, an ex-senator and supporter of gambling, reported that the organization had asked residents of the state to sign petitions almost everywhere, including concerts and football matches. This was necessary to consider the issue of gambling legalization and receive a permission to build gambling houses on the territory of Nebraska.
According to Mr. Lautenbaugh, his like-minded fellows succeeded in collecting the sufficient number of signatures. Lautenbaugh said that all efforts were not in vain. 
The activity of citizens was even higher that the organizers expected. Now it is necessary to prepare all official documents. According to legislation, forty days are provided to confirm the signatures. 
According to Lautenbaughís estimates, citizens of Nebraska spend roughly $500 million on gambling in other states where gambling is not prohibited.
Ho-Chunk Inc., which is a reputable economic development corporation owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska that has been operating on the market since 1994, donated about $1.25 million for the campaign of gambling legalization.
Lance Morgan, CEO of Ho-Chunk President, believes that it is time to compete for dollars that are moving to casinos of Iowa. The Gaming Commission provided information that citizens of Nebraska had lost $327 million in gambling establishments of Iowa in 2013.
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