The attacks on betting sanctums in the state may have given police the gloating rights, yet a fast outing to Pernem taluka, especially the towns circumscribing Maharashtra, indicates how the Goan 'grounds' have been lucrative for the unlawful business with 'players' from over the fringe traverse to attempt their hand. All towns in the taluka have no less than one betting sanctum which sees players touch base in large numbers, attempt their fortunes and exit in the dead of the night, a considerable lot of them losing a fortune. When they are inside the betting cave, they have little to stress: There is positively no dread of police as the men dressed in khaki have been settled, while nourishment, beverages, cigarettes and, if necessary, even gutkha, is given by the administrators at a snap of a finger. A portion of the lairs have bar and eateries connected to them. If necessary, the neighborhood matka administrator is just a yell away. 

Local people who have been observer to this flourishing exchange trust it's more hazardous than matka, or the insidiousness of medications in the area. The sanctums are generally kept running by compelling individuals, the majority of whom are all around associated with neighborhood government officials and police, without whose support the business can't run. Inside the lairs, punters ordinarily play two card diversions. The most widely recognized is rummy, a diversion that is remarkable for comparative gameplay in light of coordinating cards of a similar rank or grouping. It gives results in a flash: Whether benefit or misfortune, it remains a hit with the players. The other amusement that is pervasive at all sanctums is Andhar Bahar , a card diversion where you need to figure whether your picked card will fall in, or out, and stays well known for its triumphant chances of 50-50. The lairs have players everything being equal. A considerable lot of them are from the lower-wage assemble who attempt to make a fortune here yet as a general rule lose whatever they have. Try not to be astonished if the player alongside you is an administration worker, resigned official or even the nearby jobless youth. Betting needn't bother with a season. It happens all as the year progressed. It was constantly common yet sources said betting at these caves has flourished for about a year. With police clasping down on betting amid zatras, the lairs that work round the clock have prospered. 

One villager from Pernem stated: 

These betting nooks are perilous. There are no timings. They can go for 24 hours at a stretch. Matka is additionally an abhorrence yet not as unsafe as club betting. Matka has particular timings and there are just two well known bazaars. 

On the off chance that local people know about the caves, can police stay ignorant? Sources said police essentially deliberately ignore as they have been dealt with. Another source stated, policemen ideal from the neighborhood station to the heavy hitters have been settled. For some moolah, police give back where its due by advising nook administrators at whatever point an assault is up and coming. The auspicious data causes administrators to tidy up the place before police arrive there. Sources said the attack at Morjim was effective and brought about a money seizure of Rs 59 lakh since neighborhood police were not part of the strike. Those up to date said roughly Rs 40,000 every week is given to police to security, while panchayat pioneers leave with Rs 10,000. 

Be that as it may, examiner general of police Jaspal Singh expelled them as ridiculous claim. He said:

You need to create data and police need to work appropriately inside the standards. When we have adequate data, at exactly that point we lead an assault on matka nook. 

Only one out of every odd police official is degenerate. There are straightforward cops, as well. In any case, those eager to make a move are stopped in light of the fact that there are no arrangements for stern activity. Guilty parties are reserved under the Gambling Act, which is a bailable offense. Regardless of whether captured, they are out in a jiffy and the insidiousness of betting goes on unabated.

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