The Hanover Park town board endorsed a measure this week that grows video betting to golf foundations. The town's unique mandate expected to utilize video betting fundamentally as a methods for drawing in business to eateries, however after an ongoing visit to a golf business looking for an allow, town board individuals chose the extension could help influence Hanover To stop organizations more focused with those in neighboring towns. 

The new law allows a green, range or scaled down playing golf business to ask for a supplemental alcohol permit allowing the utilization of video betting terminals on their premises. Town authorities said this mirrors the board's objective of advancing monetary development, however a few pioneers communicated concern the move negates endeavors to make the town a family-focused network. Trustee Sharmin Shahjahan was the solitary rival to statute, which passed 5-1. In any case, Trustee Herb Porter additionally communicated concern. 

Shahjahan stated: 

We would prefer not to transform into a network with heaps of smaller than normal gambling clubs. 

The point was examined at a past executive gathering and tabled so trustees could visit Green Valley Golf Range, the Hanover Park business driving the push to get betting terminals in hitting the fairway foundations. Green Valley Golf Range proprietor Cindy Scardina told the board Thursday she needs betting terminals to add another part to her business. The golf business isn't really blasting, she said. Town Clerk Eira Corral Sepúlveda said the town embraced video betting to pull in clients to eateries, in spite of the fact that machines were additionally allowed at liquor retailers, clubs and sustenance benefit foundations that offer brew and wine. Scardina said an eatery would be the long-run design of her business. The way things are, the state requires a duty to be paid for every video betting foundation. A level of the expense gathered by the Illinois Gaming Board is imparted to the region. 

Hanover Park's cut from seven foundations came to $91,721.24 from January to this June, as indicated by the Illinois Gaming Board. The town additionally gets a yearly expense for each machine. At present, these incomes go toward extra advancement of the town's as of late redesigned youth sports complex on Barrington Road. As per Sepúlveda, cash got from the recently embraced law would additionally supplement these improvements. 

Sepúlveda stated: 

With our built up business network, the board needed to be on a notwithstanding playing field with entrepreneurs in different regions where gaming is permitted.

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